This morning I went to see my osteopath to continue the treatment to get my back in shape. Today was neck and shoulder with soft-tissue massage – SOFT it wasn’t!

Matthew has just returned from travelling in Vietnam so we were discussing how the majority of the world’s population, away from the cities, lives a very simple life. If “simple” is how you describe living in a shack with a patch of dirt for some livestock and vegetables, with what passes for drinking water a walk away. How would these people react to western civilistion’s excesses; our need to have the latest TV/car/MP3 player/fashions, although what we already have is perfectly serviceable? How would they perceive our currrent obsession with viewing the lives of others through reality TV, in all it’s excesses – cosmetic surgery, families from hell, and Orwellian scenarios?

Tonight is the final of “Celebrity Big Brother” which I’m sure will be watched by millions and raise thousands for “chariddy”, but to what end, doesn’t it somehow diminish us all as people? I saw the much-reported row between George Galloway and Michael Barrymore; two men verbally abusing each other for the entertainment of the masses – very galdiatorial, then “I saw myself watching it” and switched off the TV in digust. I felt quite sick. I am an adult, capable of rational decison-making , so why was I almost complelled to watch it?