Today was Farmers Market so I was shopping by 08.30. No complaints as it’s the most pleasurable and relaxed shopping I know. All the stall-holders are friendly and happy to talk about their produce.

My haul was organic carrots, swede, celariac, parsnips, leeks, jerusalem artichokes ( never tried them before) and garlic, all from the same farm which is about six miles away (not far in the Fens). The meat travels a little further – ostrich burgers, ostrich mince, pork and ham, all from Lincolnshire. A loaf of walnut bread and a coffee and walnut cake finished it off nicely.
Nearly forgot the beer! A small brewery three miles away is trying a stall for 3 months to ” raise their profile”, so in the spirit of neighbourliness I took home two bottles of their beer; a “Sparkling Wit” and a “St Audrey’s Ale” ( Audrey being a corruption of Etheldreda who founded the monastries at Ely)

Have a good weekend , everybody.