This Texas ranch featured on the BBC News this morning.

YO Ranch

(Watch out for your mouse cursor turning into rifle-sights.)

It purports to “conserve” wildlife, including endangered species, by breeding them in captvity for trophy hunters to shoot – truly Orwellian! George Bush passed legislation recently to give them an exemption so that there would be no prosecutions for breaking laws designed to protect endangered species.
The worst thing about this is that, having been bred in captivity the animals are tame, so that when one of their number was shot they just stood there and made no attempt to run away from the gunfire.

The US Humane Society also implicate zoos in what is known as “canned hunting”, as suppliers of animals that are no longer attractive as crowd-pullers in the zoo.

Canned Hunts

I have no problem with hunting and killing for food, but killing for the pleasure of it, and to put the stuffed head of an animal on your wall sickens me.