After Tuesday’s Bookcrossers’ Meet-up in Cambridge I went to Borders, to get the copy of “The Night Watch” (by Sarah Waters) I’ve been promising myself. Books I know I’m going to keep I like to buy in hardback; the transient will do in paperback.

As you do, I found it easy to pick up 3 for 2:

“Attention all Shipping” – Charlie Connelly
“Stuart – a life backwards” – Alexander Masters ( a local writer and story)
“Collapse – How societies choose or fail to survive” – Jared Diamond

and then at the check-out “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova was half-price.

I had toyed for ages with buying a Gormenghast trilogy (it’s on my wish-list), but decided £15 for a paperback was a bit much.

Yesterday a trip to post a ray to katie1980 meant a side trip to the British Heart Foundation shop, where I was deighted to discover all three parts of the Gormenghast trilogy, in very good condition( looks like one careful reader LOL) at £1.50 each.

So, in the twisted logic of all shopaholics, I made a saving of £10.50!

So that’s a few more for the evergrowing Mt TBR.