Saturday was an excellent day, started by the postman delivering an unexpected suprise from semioticghost –
Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont – Elizabeth Taylor

I then had a shopping trip with a friend to a “little shop for ladies who lunch” which resulted in me acquiring updates to my office wardrobe – 2 prs. smart wollen trousers, 1 wool jacket and two fitted cotton shirts for £135 instead of £450. The best bit was that one of the pairs of trousers matched a jacket and skirt suit I bought a year ago,(on sale in another “little shop… etc)

Most of the stock in the shop was on 70% off – so either the mark-up is terrifically high on the original prices or they must make a fantastic loss when they have clearances to make room for new stock. The shop changed hands last summer, so I suspect they over-stocked for winter, not really understanding the local market; to my benefit.

I’ve been reluctant to buy clothes for a few months as I put a lot of weight on when I injured my back last year. In the last 4 weeks I’ve managed to lose 10lbs, so I’m feeling very positive and can now buy clothes with a bit more confidence.

Sunday was ironing and packing for a conference in Brighton. I hate ironing and can only do it when standing in front of the TV playing a film or a DVD.

Monday and Tuesday – “2006 Civil Service Heads of Internal Audit and Risk Managers Conference” – snappy title, eh?

As my boss is winding down to retirement she suggested I went along with her to meet some of her key contacts. That is not to suggest that when she goes I become boss, but she is giving me and my opposite number more opportunities to experience the wider aspects of the job.

So what did I learn?
These people are skilled networkers, even at 2.00am, and a lot of them have known each other for years. Unlike the one-day seminars I tend to go to there isn’t a competitive edge to what is said and done and they are far more likely to say they don’t know the answer to an issue than to brag about how well they do do things. Quite an eye-opener!

I’ve never been to Brighton before and saw so little of it I can’t really say what it is like. All I saw was the jorney from th rail station to the hotel and back, the inside of the hotel conference rooms and my bedroom, and the burnt out ruins of the West Pier, which was opposite the hotel.