Well it is, isn’t it, and we had hail today and they’ve forecast snow tomorrow. So there is the prospect of much moaning about the weather, and the cold, and its difficult to get about. Hmmmm!

At the conference I went to last week we had a motivational speaker. A chap called Michael McGrath. I’d never heard of him or his exploits, but he left me feeling very humbled.
He has had muscular dystrophy since he was a teenager, but instead of letting his disability define him he’s taken on challenges to prove it isn’t defeating him. I thought he was quite mad when I heard what he’s done – walked to the North Pole, then ‘cos that wasn’t enough, and he had itchy feet, walked to the South Pole, becoming the first disabled person to walk to both poles. His walks were “symbolic”, given his disability he couldn’t walk all the way. In fact he was dragged on a sled by his team to the South Pole, then walked the last 310 metres – it took him 45 minutes!
Now that’s impressive enough, but muscular dystrophy is nasty; Michael has lost 65% of his muscle bulk, he feels the cold more intensely because his circulatory system is inefficient due to the loss of heart muscle, so even under 5 layers of Arctic clothing he felt the cold dreadfully.

If you want to know more about his charity the Muscle Help Foundation it’s here.

What really got to me about Michael was the amount of trust he put in his team, to get him in and out, of the Arctic and the Antarctic. Me, I’m a control freak, I find it difficult to let someone else book a table in a restaurant, and this speaker brought home to me just what a control freak I was; how there are some things you have to let others do for you and you can’t control everything in life. Which has been a real problem for me in the last few months. Maybe I’ll try to deal with it better now.