Culture Secretary, Tessa Jowell and her international lawyer husband are to separate, because of the stress put on their marriage in the past week.

Now call me cynical, but I smell a rat.

I’m sure there have been some full and frank discussions about family finances behind the doors of their town and country houses in the last two weeks, and maybe, Tessa should have asked questions about what she was signing for a little earlier, but isn’t it all just a wee bit too convenient?

This way, anything that happens to David Mills in the Italian courts will apply to “the estranged husband of the Culture Secretary” and Tessa can carry on with the two big political issues of the London local elections and the London Olympic Games unsullied by allegations of corruption.

Then, when the it’s all over and a distant memory they can be seen to have reconciled.. and live happily ever after – unless, of course the Italians jail him for fraud and corruption!