The cavity wall insulators are here and it’s a wee bit intimidating!
The communal drive has two large vans on it and various rolls of loft insulation and pipe lagging strewn around. (None of this is for me, they just had to get it out of the trucks to do my walls.) Luckily my neighbours are at work and don’t need access to their garages.

There are 4 “Norfolk boys” singing, laughing , coughing ( all smoking on the job) and generally making an incredible row. The house is vibrating from the impact of 3 drills boring holes for the filling to be blown in, and they’ve started on that already.


An hour and a half after they arrived they’ve finished, tidied up and gone, and it’s incredibly quiet. I hope the elderly lady next door wasn’t too affected by it, I did warn her it might be noisy.
Unfortunately, they are going to have to return at some point as when I checked around after they left I spotted one hole unfilled, and it would be one of the highest ones, so I can’t do it myself.