My London office is on Savile Row,  which is between Bond Street and Regent’s Street and consequently in the heart of Mayfair and on the edge of Soho.

So, Soho being the kind of place where musicians and film people work and Mayfair being where the rich spend their money, it ‘s not unusual to spot the odd “celeb” as you go in search of lunch or try to find a Post Office (Albemarle Street, is good).
Yesterday I was walking into Oxford Circus tube station with a colleague, on the way home, and there was Billy Bragg, who my iPod had coincidentally chosen to entertain me with that morning. I smiled, he smiled, we went our separate ways.That is the good thing about London and “fame” – you don’t tend to see people being followed or bothered by autograph hunters, photographers or hoards of adoring fans. We just smile and let them get one with their lives. ( I exclude the paparazzi hanging around nightclubs).  The only time I have seen a bit of a flurry over someone famous was when Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith were spotted walking down South Molton Street and most of the shop assistants came out to watch – I was in a coffee bar having a natter and wouldn’t have noticed them if someone hadn’t pointed them out).

So I tried to remember who I’ve seen in 15 years of working out of that office and came up with this list:

Roger Daltrey ( I used to be a big Who fan when I was a teenager and was surprised at how short he is)
Jarvis Cocker – in the seat next to me on the Central Line tube 
Maureen Lipman 
Chris Evans  – on Savile Row – wonder if he was buying a suit?
Alan Bennett
John Peel ( early one morning  – how I regret not breaking the English reserve and telling him how much pleasure I’d had from his show over the years)
Caroline Quentin – buying lunch in Pret on Carnaby Street
Jilly Goolden
A soap actress who at the time was “big” in Coronation Street
George Melly & Humphrey Lyttleton 
Neil Pearson

A strange group but reflective of the “industry” of the part of London we work in.
I suspect that some of these names will mean nothing to many of you, which shows how ephemeral fame is.