I’ve just been for a little play in the garden i.e. I’ve cut what passes for a lawn. This takes me about 15 minutes , including sweeping up the grass cuttings and feeding the compost bin. I was delighted to find hedgehog poo on the grass which means that Spiny Norman or his/her descendants is still around.

The garden is really good at this time of the year, as although I am trying to get a better spread, most of my shrubs are spring flowering. So at present in flower I have wallflowers, primulas, cultivated bluebells(they are actually lilac), verbena, clematis macropetala, two forms of dicentra – which are really living up to their name of “spectabilis”, berberis, drifts of forget-me-not and the dandelions and daisies invading the lawn. There are aliums in bud in own corner, noticeable by the pungent onion smell from the leaves.

I like working in the garden towards sunset; the birds tend to be roosting, its cooler and there isn’t so much noise from the school playing fields behind the house. While I write there is a blackbird singing from the finial on the garage roof, the sound of cooing collar-doves, and some sparrows twittering. I noticed when I was out this afternoon that the swifts are back which means that shortly we will be treated to their screaming bombing runs overhead.

(I’ve taken some pictures of the plants in the garden and will get them on my Flickr page nest week.)