It seems that last week our mighty leader (TB)put on a tracksuit to launch the “Small change, Big Difference” exercise campaign. To encourage us all to get off our backsides and take some exercise.
An article in yesterday’s Guardian discussed the pros and cons and the conflicting advice.,,1766878,00.html

TB says that idle desk-bound lumps like me should be doing 1 hour, 5 days a week to make up for the fact we don’t move much once we park ourselves in front of the PC. The last campaign said 30 minutes 5 days a week and prior to that the general rule was 20 minutes 3 times per week. So who’s right or as the country gets more obese does the suggested exercise increase?

Coincidentally, yesterday morning I could be found demonstrating tricep dips on an office chair to a colleague.

M joined the team a year ago and has piled on the pounds as homeworking has limited his normal source of exercise severely and the cake and biscuit tins call to him from the kitchen. So he’s on a 1500 calorie diet and trying to get on his bike!

I sympathise; this is the main drawback of homeworking versus working in a London office. Most city workers will do a considerable amount of walking to train/tube/bus and office. I used to wear a pedometer and clocked up about 4 miles a day when we had two London offices and meetings involved walking between them. Homeworkers walk up a flight of stairs to the office.

So, M and I were discussing how much weight we had put on, how to lose it, and “bingo wings”. Which led to me demonstrating the embarrassing test an aerobics instructor I went to used to make women do – hold your arm up, slap the underside and wait for it to stop wobbling- if it wobbles you need to be doing tricep dips in front of the TV instead of eating crisps and chocolate, and the tricep dips on the office chair.

My main problem – apart from spending my time here instead of on the PC alongside is not making the time to get out and walk. 4 years ago, when my surgery-induced arthritis developed I had to give up the gym; swimming is out as the local pool is given over mainly to school groups and swimming clubs ( plus it has a reputation for being filthy) so it’s cycling or walking.
Now the weather is better it’s time to get out and move!