I have had to make my apologies for tomorrow’s Ipswich Bookcrossers meet-up. I am not a happy bunny!

What my GP diagnosed on Tuesday as a chest infection is turning out to behave more like winter’s episode of viral pharyngitis, as it fails to respond to antibiotics. Just to add to the fun I have what is either a cold or hayfever. My money is on yet another virus i.e. the cold, as I take anti-histamines year-round for allergic rhinitis.

So, as it is a 90 minute drive to Ipswich from here, and all bar 6 miles at motorway speeds, I’ve decided against taking the risk of a combined sneezing and coughing fit at 70+mph. ( and I feel like I should be taken out and shot)

It’s particularly disappointing as another bookcrosser was gearing up to come for the first time with me, and the meet-up is to be graced with the presence of BCWoman caffcaff and her mobile BC supplies emporium.

I am told by my colleagues that my voice sounds very sexy at the moment (think Rula Lenska), but they haven’t seen the reality – streaming eyes and red nose! Ha ha.

Off for another litre of water – got to keep my fluid levels up!