This may be my last entry on here, Flickr or BCUK for a few days.

This morning my modem wouldn’t connect and after checking everything I discovered that one of the one of the wires in the modem cable has snapped where it enters the modem connector. It’s all down to one tiny green wire ! 

Unfortunately this cable suffers a lot of abuse as it stretches across my bedroom , under the bed , out on to the landing and into the office and so has to be connected, disconnected, rolled up and shoved under the bed whenever I use the PC. Obviously  the business end of this cable was not designed for so much abuse and it has failed at the weakest point.

I suspect this is when I buy a wireless modem – although that has drawbacks as the main telephone point in the house is hidden behind a six-foot high bookcase. Does anyone here leave their wireless modem plugged in and powered up all the time? is there a risk with the transformer ?

Normal service will be resumed as soon as is possible  but it may be a couple of days until I’m well enough to drive to Cambridge and get replacement kit.

( I’m writing this on my work laptop which is on a dial-up ISDN line, so I can’t use it that often for personal use)