I bought a PURE One digital radio(http://www.pure.com/) last week. Since the ghetto-blaster died I have been without a radio in the house.
( other than in hi-fi’s and they never work well).  I noticed today that when it is switched off the clock didn’t maintain the time and it wouldn’t start up from “standby” until I switched the power off and one at the plug.

So, I phone up the support line , which is an ordinary phone number not a premium one. The call is answered immediately and I’m routed straight through to a human. I explain the problem , the chap says it is a known fault in some machines and there is an upgrade available on the website. He tells me exactly where to find the upgrade from the site and how to download it ( you need a digital camera USB lead).
Call over in less than 3 minutes.

I go to the website, download in a couple of minutes direct to the radio. Problem solved.

Excellent service. As this is PURE’s new cheap, battery-operated radio(and mains) and was only launched at the beginning of May I’m really impressed they are on the ball with fault-management.