My work laptop is refusing to show me my work files. The files were there yesterday afternoon, but the drive has vanished this morning. 

It does this from time to time, but after a couple of re-boots normally sorts itself out. Not today, oh no!

Happily, I’m not under the time pressures to deliver reports that have plagued me for the last 6 weeks.Otherwise there’s be screaming and swearing to upset the neighbours.

So, I can spend the day trying to access my synchronized files from the server in London down a slow dial-up line; I can drive to Cambridge and link into the network and try to synchronize them back to the laptop; or I can do some filing in the expectation that later in the weekend the problem will have resolved itself.  If it doesn’t I’m off to Cambridge on Monday. Worst case it’s a visit to the London office to get a techy to slap the laptop around a bit.

The problem is resolvable  but I can do without that heart-stopping moment when you see that the drive with all you work on it has vanished.