My laptop refused to show  me my files on Monday – it clearly hadn’t come to its senses over the weekend. I had a surprisngly swift response to logging my problem with the help desk and the lovely Julian took over my laptop remotely and sorted it all out. ( it is very odd watching windows appear and disappear and the mouse-pointer wandering around the screen without you touching anything). 30 minutes later, after synchronising everything with the servers in London, I had some files to play with.

My car was then available for collection from the garage – new rear brake pads to resolve a hideous screaming noise. The worst thing about this being I had no idea the noise was SO loud. I’m amazed none of the neighbours had said anything to me.

Then off to Cambridge to have my left eye checked. It had been “rejecting ” my contact lens , so something was up.

Something turns out to be a little group of corneal cells swelling up. Don’t panic – the optician is pretty sure it will go down with rest from the lenses. I now have to spend a week in specs. I hate wearing specs, mainly because I get a splitting headache after a while. No change of prescription, titanium frames or adjustment seems to resolve the problem. Must be a bad case of petulance.

Getting out of the car on my return home I smell burning and the rear wheels are very hot to the touch – front ones are fine. That, plus the squealing I heard driving into the car park at Cambridge does tend to suggest the brakes have NOT been fixed. Bugger!

Tuesday morning is a replay of Monday – take car to garage and then walk back up the hill. At least it is one way to get me on an exercise programme.

Mid-afternoon my plumber turns up to deal with three minor issues which I can’t sort out myself. It seems to me that one of the main skills required for plumbing is the ability to “see” through your fingers. Spencer did the work in the loft tank without any lights and he got up there without a ladder, so brute strength helps, as well.

The car was returned late afternoon with assurances it is now sorted and an explanation of what has been done. The drive to Newmarket tomorrow should check that out.

So, all I have to do now is some serious work-related filing ( sounds so easy doesn’t it , in my dreams) and the house will be in some kind of order, and I will have a deep sense of satisfaction in mentally crossing things off lists.