Yesterday I went to my local blood donors session and for the first time this year my haemoglobin levels were high enough for me to donate. I am now the proud owner of a badge for making 10 donations.  I know there will be loads of you who’ve donated for years and you’re thinking “10 donations isn’t a lot” , particulalrly if I say I’ve been on the register for years ,and  considering you can donate three times a year, but my fluctuating iron levels mean I manage about one donation in three.

There is a big push for donors to get out there and donate because the blood stock levels are so low. It has been suggested that the summer of sports TV coverage has reduced the number of donors turning out. Add to that the fact that you can’t donate for several weeks after holidaying in the US, Canada, Bermuda, Mauritius and malarial zones and the levels of blood stocks are dropping.

This link to the National Blood Service site shows how low they are. For common blood types like O positive there’s less than 4 days supply left!

Only 5% of possible donors donate. That is a shockingly low figure. 

I started when I was at University, then dropped off the register as I moved houses and jobs and didn’t make the time. When my sister had to have a transfusion following the birth of my eldest niece I started again.  

There are some restrictions to donating – the biggest one being that those who’ve had a transfusion can no longer donate because of the CJD risks.  But, the majority of people can. 

Do someone a favour and donate blood.