Books and coffee
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Around about August most years I get a feeling of order in my professional life. We’ve reported last year’s results to the Audit Commitee in July, finished annual appraisals and started to get a good idea of what we’ll be doing and when: to use the cliche, “we’ll have put some meat on the bones of the plan we presented to the Audit Committee in March”.

At the beginning of last week I had an idea of which part of the country I’d be working in and what I’d be doing each month, through to the end of January. At the end of last week I was looking at two new, totally unexpected and troublesome pieces of work, to be done as soon as possible and doing their best to screw up the next two months and, potentially, the order I had created for the next 5-6 months of my annual plan.
This, it has to be said, is par for the course – never congratulate yourself on getting through the year without a nasty special investigation because one will spring up to bite you.
It wouldn’t be so bad if my boss wasn’t planning to retire next March. I’d like this year to be orderly and controlled because when she goes it’s going to be a a very bumpy ride whilst we acquire a new team leader.

In other news: Saturday’s miserable weather was alleviated by a trip to Ipswich for a BookCrossing meeting. Sufficient books were resisted to enable us to fill up the OBCZ shelf and graviate to the mantelpiece over the fireplace.