I am trying to print-out documents I will need for the rest of the week in advance of having my work laptop swopped for a new, smaller notebook tomorrow. 

For various techie reasons we are no longer allowed to “fiddle” with our machines. This has its good points and its bad points – our engineers don’t have to deal with too many problems generated by the inquisitve amateur  as in “I wonder what happens if I do this? Oh shit”; but simple problems cannot be resolved over the phone by talking the user  through a bit of fiddling in the background. This includes linking your printer to your laptop. So, new laptop and docking station will be received tomorrow , in London, when I go in for a meeting, but the engineer’s home vist to connect up the printer will be next week, at the earliest.

So , the black ink cartridge goes , no problem, there’s one in the cupboard. After a few minutes of wrestling the new cartridge is installed. Cartridge aligned – check, test print report – rubbish! Several attempts later the best quality of black ink is faint grey. Pah!

Rip cartridge from printer , box it up and jump in car to Tesco’s, where I complain bitterly about the quality of their own brand recycled ink cartridges. I’m all for recycling, especially if re-filling an original HP cartridge saves me £9 – but it’s no bloody good if I have to take it back because it won’t print. That’s it for me with recycled ink cartridges – the last one wasn’t properly recognised by my printer, so everytime I used it it told me to re-align the cartridge .

One hour later I’m back , the replacement cartridge works fine and now I just have to cross my fingers that the replacement laptop will be set up properly whe I collect it tomorrow.