Following on from the “What kind of a reader are you?” meme

[info]mojosmom came up with this:

Where am I in my current book, when and why?

Where: in an un-named university
When: Unknown – assumes “now”
Why: Consulting Proffesor Uzzi-Tuzii, expert on Cimmerian literature, about a book I am reading.

I, the reader is in Italo Calvino’s “If on A Winter’s Night  A Traveller”

: Ankh Morpork- rolling in the gutter with a drunk Captain Vimes
When: Unknown
Why:  After a watchman’s funeral in Terry Pratchett’s  ” Guards Guards!”

Where: I’m in London – Harvey Nicks
When:  it’s 2002
Why: . ,  and Cayce is trying to replace a damaged jacket, in William Gibson’s ” Pattern Recognition