Later this week I will discover whether I’m to be offered promotion or not, so I’m more than a bit edgy.

My boss retires at the end of March so the Head of Internal Audit post will be up for grabs – or it was until last week when huge budget cuts were introduced throughout the organisation I work for. For me that means that I may be offered the job, without competition. However, that comes with a big downside – the team will be reduced from 4 to 3 to save a salary.

The alternative is that the job will be offered to a former member of the team who is already on the same grade, but whose job, in another part of the organisation, has been marked for redundancy – in which case the team is likely to stay at 4.

Or the Chief Executive could come up with some format no one has thought of !

After a lot of heart-searching, the best outcome for me is probably that I DONT get the job, and it is offered to my ex-colleague, even though it will be my last opportunity for promotion. The pressures of trying to do the job with a team of 3, plus the stresses of having a parent with Alzheimer’s, would be too much.

The professional status and the extra cash would be very rewarding but this has come at the wrong time for me.

I could always try for promotion elsewhere, but that would be London-based, and I reckon I’m getting too old for the 14+ hour days that long-distance commuting brings – and I’d chalked up 13 years already before I became a homeworker.