Well it looks like someone gave the Chief Executive a good talking to (probably one of our Non-Executive Board members) and he has decided that the team will NOT be reduced in size and he WILL appoint a new Head of Internal Audit …just not yet.

He has also let it be known he wants new blood (so that’s how he keeps his youthful good looks)which means I probably won’t be considered and neither will the chap I thought would get the job.

My boss will retire on the 31st March so we can look forward to our happy band of three managing on our own for an, as yet, unspecified time. Well, not quite on our own. In the latest re-organisation we now report to the Policy Director for “pay and rations” , as the old Civil Service term goes, rather than directly to the Chief Executive. So we will nominally have management, although I’m informed that as they don’t have any experience of Audit they will expect us to get on with it, and as they have too much to do themselves, they don’t have time to recruit.

We have a plan which will get us through a year, at a push, and is very firm up until September; by which time we might have a new Head of Internal Audit. My opposite number and I expect little chance of temporary promotion, to soften the blow, as we have a nominal manager.

I could discuss why fresh eyes are considered better than experienced ones – but I think I know the answers and maybe I AM too jaded and cynical about the current state of the organisation and a bright-eyed bushy-tailed newbie is what is needed.

Watch this space for news of team-bonding exercises as we prepare to embrace change.