………….and it certainly isn’t —CRACKERJACK!

It’s actually gone 10.30 and I promised myself I’d make it into bed before 10; the TV is blathering to itself downstairs and I’ve just finished releasing and journalling books for tomorrow’s Ipswich Bookcrossing meeting, in the vain hope I might manage to scrape myself out of bed to attend.

I’m feeling drained at the end of the third week of fieldwork on BAA ( Bloody Awful Audit). I can’t hack these 5.30 starts after 3 years of homeworking, and there aren’t many “water-cooler” moments or coffee-breaks on something as grim as BAA.

I made a management decision two days ago, after talking to the “chaps”, that today was the end of fieldwork – we’ve done a damn sight more than we promised them (evil internal client) and you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. Their system is so full of holes we could go on for at least another month finding control gaps not to mention the errors – two overpayments and a potential fraud so far!

We celebrated with Walnut Whips at lunchtime. Did you know that the Walnut Whip was invented in 1910? Neither did I – but I knew it was pretty old – and I can remember when you got two walnuts – one on the top and one inside under the “cream”. ( and no I wasn’t born in 1910)

Roll on the weekend.

One day I may have the time to do a catch-up and put some pics on Flickr – one day.