The longest goodbye in history began today. Blair’s approval rating is at rock-bottom and so is that of the Labour Party, “Here Gordon – catch”!

It’ll take a while for the dust to settle and a proper considered analysis, but generally, (don’t all jump on me at once) the state of the country has improved under 10 years of Labour Government. This link to the BBC has some interesting graphs showing reduction in unemployment, masive rises in disposable income and reduction in hospital waiting lists, alongside the not so good ( if you don;’ own a house – not so bad if you do) rises in house values and the frankly awful increase in personal debt.

Despite all of this Blair will be remembered for one thing, the same as Thatcher ; they took the country to war! Ironic that he goes amidst the ” celebrations” to mark the 25th anniversary of the Falklands War. Lost, wasted and damaged lives will be both their legacies.

For more instant fun see Blair does the Clash on YouTube : “Should I stay or should I go”