The ideal answer would be the set of duplicate keys for the house!

Yesterday evening it still hadn’t rained so I decided to tackle the lawn before the neighbours thought I’d died.  Whilst in the garage getting out the mower I noticed that I had had mice in there during the winter. So, I checked where the spare set of keys was hidden, to see that the little dears hadn’t trashed the jiffy bag – and – NO KEYS.

So I check the alternative location in the meter cupboard – NO KEYS.

So have I finally given them to J to keep ( which is where they used to be until I lost my keys on a train back from Wiltshire in Jan 2003 when  I spent the night in a hotel 5 minutes walk from my house!) – NO KEYS

At this point I’m getting very worked up – which was ridiculous when I hadn’t given the damn keys a thought for months.

The only thing to do was a clean-out of the garage and meter cupboard, there and then. So, at 10.00 pm I was throwing stuff in bin bags ( luckily it was bin day today)

Result: Tidy garage and tidy meter cupboard – NO KEYS.

I am making the big assumption that at some previous tidying session I have thrown out the box in which the keys have been carefully secreted, thinking the jiffy bag was rubbish.

OR – they are somewhere in the house under the piles of books and papers that have accumulated in the past few months whilst life has taken over from order. I need a bigger house or to lose the book habit.

OR – someone has taken them, got into the house and then decided there isn’t anything worth stealing.

The biggest annoyance is that these were a true duplicate set , not hacked out of poor quality metal in a heel bar. ….

and there is still the nagging thought that I might need to get the locks changed.