gave me a B

10 things I like beginning with B

Budle Bay, Northumberland  – very few visitors, white sand , turquoise water, it could almost be a tropical beach , if it wasn’t for the temperature.

Bowie – master of the art of reinvention

Black Bullets – (Jesmona black bullets to be precise) a mint-flavoured boiled sweet, produced since 1906 by Maxton’s of Sheffield, a childhood memory, and a permanent item on my “What do you want for Christmas ? “list. 

Birdwatching – endless hours of pleasure for free

Brookmyre, Christopher – a new find – surreal, political, satirical , comedic thrillers for the 90s and 00s.

Burmese – pedigree cats didn’t interest me until I met the lovely Mia

Blackadder – 4 series, 24 episodes, getting better with each series, featuring the cream of British comedy in the 1980s.

Belgian fruit beers – a “girly” tipple, I was informed at our Friday lunchtime drinking sessions, so why did so many of the guys who tried them wobble back to the office? Make mine a kriek!

Buddleia – sky-rocketing purple flower spikes whose heady, honeyed scent ensures your garden will be full of butterflies

Books and books and books……………

If you haven’t done this already make a comment and I’ll give you a letter.