I’m about to sign off to finish present wrapping and pack my bag for the next two days.

I’ll leave here at 6.00 am on Christmas morning for the four and a half  hours ( if I’m lucky) drive North to THE FAMILY. 

For various reasons, including my health and sanity, I’m not travelling today and will skid to a halt outside my Mam’s tomorrow morning to go to my sister’s for the Christmas Day works. Fortified by huge quantities of alcohol I’ll spend the next two days with my mother.  Which will be interesting as Alzheimer’s diesease has removed large chunks of her memory.  My sister tells me she was informed Mam will be bringing a guest on Christmas Day, – we think that’s me, but we can’t be sure!

So, to all of you who are facing a Christmas ravaged by ill health, in-laws, family upsets, broken appliances, grumpy anti-Christmas partners and memories of loved ones no longer there to share it, may you all get through tomorrow in whatever way is best for you.