The cookery books are all on one shelf and I had a bit of a blast at the recipes torn out of magazines and the free supplements from magazines and supermarkets last year. Nevertheless, the shelf started with 33 books and now has 27. Not a great deal of change, but an improvement. The removals will go to the next Bookcrossing meeting I attend.

I realised whilst doing this that the most battered, and therefore most used, books are ones I’ve had for years: Claudia Roden’s Middle-Eastern Cookery, Madhur Jafferey’s Indian Cooking, Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery. All over 20 years old and they got most of their staining a long time ago. I don’t  put much effort into cooking now, it’s just a matter of sticking something into the oven or on a griddle, cooking some veg and that’s that. On a bad day “cooking “involves a microwave and takes under 5 minutes.  

I am now eating more healthily, or did until Christmas intervened, but that also means more boringly, and what’s the point of cooking a large dish if that means you’ll be eating it for the rest of the week as the freezer is too small to take left-overs?