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I’ve joined beebarf’s  decluttering challenge in an attempt to reduce the clutter in the house, which should make me more relaxed about living and working here.

The cupboard at the top of the stairs, next to the bathroom hides a multitude of cluttering sins, however today’s effort was the medicinal side of things. Beebarf’s post was very timely as I’d been advised at my asthma check-up in December to throw away out-of-date inhalers and took home several new ones. Not having  reviewed the contents of the cupboard for some time I now have a sizeable carrier bag of out-of-date material to hand in at the pharmacy for disposal. More importantly I can now easily see when I’m running out of medication , so I can get a new prescription in reasonable time.

Before: too disorganised to photo.



Tetanus : Up to date

Flu jab: get one already because of the asthma

First Aid kit in car: already there