I was going to take the afternoon off to get my hair cut, but the salon owner rang this morning to say that my stylist is off sick and has been all week. He has no idea what’s wrong with her  – men, why don’t they ask the important questions and express some sympathy?

Then he gave me the dilemma. I could book an appointment with Jo tomorrow, in the event she’s well enough to return to work, or I’ll have to wait some time as she is supposed to be on two weeks leave starting Monday.

This is a two-chair salon; Stefano owns it and Jo hires a chair. I’ve been having my hair done by Jo for over 15 years, and it would be disloyal of both of us if I had it done by him, and I’m so funny about who cuts my hair that it would have to be an extreme situation for  me to go to anyone else.

As Jo is self-employed any day she doesn’t work she doesn’t earn and so she’s got to be pretty ill to take this much time off. I suspect she has the norovirus that’s all over the news – sickness and diarrhoea. The guidance is to not return to work until 48 hours after you stop being ill, so taking an appointment tomorrow , if she’s ill today, is more than a bit risky.

My hair is very thick and has to be cut every 5-6 weeks; if Jo goes ahead with her holiday then it’ll be over 10 weeks since my last cut. I’m not vain but I like to be presentable when I have to see clients, which amounts to a decent suit an da decent hair cut.

So shaggy hair v norovirus ? I’ve no option have I?