Day 4 – Computer: This is not a quick job. However, in the space between Christmas a New Year I got rid of in excess of 200 emails. More sorting and deleting needed there. I’ve always used folders so everything is tidy in my mailbox. My virus checker does a daily update and I’ve just updated my firewall. Pop-up blocker and spyware blocker are in place. I’ve been using a stand-alone hard-drive for back ups – I shall do a back-up when I finish this post. Outstanding is sorting, oroganising and deleting photos which are on my PC and adding the rest of my CDs to my PC. This will eventually update my iPod, give me music at this desk and an additional backup – but it all takes time and the day job has to come first.

Day 5: Decorations :These were taken down quickly. No big job as I have a small table-top tree and just a couple of strings of cards. A lot of my cards are once a year communications from old Uni friends and so I always hang onto cards for  a year before they get recycled to keep the notes that are inside. Surplus decorations went to a charity shop two or three years ago. All the cards are neatly boxed because last year I went on a post-Christmas sales spending spree in WH Smith and bought enough cards to last me for the next three years However.. the bags and boxes are still awaiting moving back into the loft as it’s not the easiest of tasks, involving moving cars out of garages, getting ladders out and scrambling up said ladder lugging bags and boxes.

Day 6 – Wardrobe: I’m working on my weight , having put on a lot over the last year, so clothes are of mixed sizes and I’m, “fingers-crossed”, moving downwards. So only a handful of huge “fat shirts”, whihc have been with me for years, have been put aside in a charity shop bag. 

Day 7 – Shoes : I threw out some old stuff last year , so this just amounted to an old pair of clogs which are past it, even though they’ve been indoor shoes. There are two pairs of high-heeled courts in the back of the wardrobe, last worn at a family christening, so at least 6 years ago. With the state of my knee I can barely walk in heels now, but I’m loath to throw them out as they are classic, barely worn and I don’t want the waste of buying another pair for a similar event.  Am I being silly? ( and no, I don’t have a shoe habit, unless they are comfortable flats)

Day 8  – Cutlery: Done before Christmas. It has to stay neat and tidy as there is so little room.

Day 9  – To Do List : I’m with  

here, it’s the passport. I haven’t needed one for years but I may visit Ireland this year if my family history stuff progresses, so that’s top of the list. Identifed but not done yet.

Day 10 – Borrowed or migrated: I’m pretty sure that there is nothing borrowed in the house. The biggest migration is books and work files which colonise the landing as there isn’t enough room in their “assigned ” spaces. The work files are a priority and I need to make arrangements for a box or two to be labelled and collected for storage in our registry in Swindon. A job  for next week.

Day 11 – Plastic carriers: I use cotton bags and “Bags for Life” for shopping so the car and hall are overflowing with these. They need a tidy-up, but if they aren’t visible then I don’t take enough out when I go shopping or forget to put them back in the car. I do have a small supply ( less than a dozen) of plastic carriers which I use to line my kitchen bin. Essential, as we have to use flimsy back poly-bags for our rubbish collection and if stuff isn’t double-wrapped then the local cats and dogs will trash the bags before the bin-men collect. Oh for a wheely-bin. The village of Girton, just outside Cambridge has been all over the local news today as a local project ( )  is giving away cotton bags to try to make the village a plastic bag-free zone    

So I’ve some jobs to “carry forward” and some of this needs to be applied to the “day job” as well as my home life.