I’ve been off sick for a week with a virus, but when you work from home you aren’t really ever “off sick”. Whilst I’ve been lying in bed I’ve heard the office phone ring ( it’s in the room next to my bedroom) and messages being left on the answer machine, which I then felt obliged to respond to. My new boss likes to do the “caring employer” bit and rang up twice to see how I was. Which would be very nice if it didn’t result in at least  30 minutes on the  phone to him discussing work issues, and if I didn’t know he had a deadline to make and needed information from me. Ulterior motive?

Yesterday I officially returned to work and came back to 120 emails, most of which require me to read a report/ file and provide a response or advice note. Before I could deal with that I had to supply my contributions to a report to our Executive Board by lunchtime today. Which is odd really, when the boss is in Barcelona until tomorrow.

M and R, my two colleagues, were both very kind, asking after my health and providing me with info to make it easier to “do my bit”. What touched me most was an email from R saying how he missed my company last week,  when we had planned a joint trip, and instead he had 3 nights away on his own. This was followed by one from M saying he had missed me, because I made him laugh and in my absence he had been grumpy all week..

I feel wanted!!!!