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There aren’t too many dishes and casseroles  in the house and the large ones tend to be things I bought from a potter rather than mass produced stuff, so they will stay. However, pans are different. I’ve examined my collection closely and I think it is about time I invested in some new ones. The damage to the surfaces seems to come from stacking non-stick pans inside each other, due to space limitations.

The mug collection which stretched back almost to student days had a good clear out, and replacement with more respectable (read nicer) thingsafter my last house move. Why not before? Sentiment – there were quite a few from my politically-active days that came with memories. Who’d have thought a simple mug could hold memories?

I had a conversation with another LJer at the weekend, about using the “best china” rather than leaving it on the shelf, for what my mother called “better days than Sundays”. I suppose the habit of keeping something for best comes from her and my grandmothers, but when was the last time I had someone over for tea and got out the best teapot and china?