On Thursday I had a wander around town in search of shots for the latest croc_sandwich challenge and took a couple of pictures of this pimped-up car.

I carried on looking for ideas for pics, ignoring the car lights flashing and the locks opening and closing  several times. I thought nothing of it when a young woman got in the car and went racing off down the street, but when I turned around a couple of women next to the burger van across the road were staring at me and mouthing “What are you looking at”, and not in a friendly way.

Then it became clear; the car had been parked in a disabled parking space and the driver wasn’t happy that I was taking pics of her car, with her full name written all over it, occupying the space illegally. 
Such a shame I’d alerted her, as when I left swiftly, to avoid having my face re-arranged, I saw a police-woman coming down the street. Damn!

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