Four Seasons in One Day – as “Crowded House” sang.

Two minutes ago it was snowing thickly, the Cathedral was lost in a whirl of white,  and it was dark enough to need a light on. Now it is bright and sunny. The only constants  are the wind and the rattle of the halyard on a neighbour’s flagpole.

It brings back memories of a first holiday with my partner; our first chance to get away together. We borrowed a friend’s house, on the Isle of Wight, for Easter,  while she went to Spain.  We phoned home sitting on the beach in bright sunshine on the Sunday morning before a walk on Tennyson Down to the monument. The weather got worse as the week went on culminating on Friday with bright sun, rain, hail, and snow. We were walking at the top of Carisbrooke village and raced to the car being pelted by hail and then watched the snow piling up gainst the wiper-blades.

It was early April and the weather wasn’t unusual, but I’ll always remember Good Friday, April 11th 1998 –  the Northern Ireland Agreement  and four seasons in one day.