Friday, in the early hours of the morning I woke up from a nightmare. 

I had dreamt that I knew my friend M was going to die the following day and then watched  the reaction of friends to it happening, on a TV, but was unable to tell them or help them deal with it. When I had to crawl into a very narrow passage and wait there the feelings of claustrophobia woke me up.

So what’s weird? Well, if you’d asked me I couldn’t have told you when Mary died other than it was February or March, two years ago. I checked when I finally got up and it was the 20th March in New Zealand( where she lived) , but the 19th of March in the UK. 

The brain is a very strange organ and memory is very peculiar.

As for the claustrophobia; I never had problems with it when I was younger and crawled through a narrow stone passage to get to the interior of an Egyptian temple as recently as 10 years ago. Now it is becoming an issue and claustrophobia often features in my nightmares. Maybe it is because I’m no longer so agile or flexible, as the arthritic knee isn’t fully mobile?