Frustration because our deadlines for submitting the annual report have been chopped by two weeks; hence the tension.

The entire team has forgotten what 9-5 means and M has the yellow jersey for his email and finalised report submitted at 00:01 two days ago,

The fall-out? I have toothache; at least that’s what I thought it was when the raging pain started yesterday afternoon in the left side of my face. I loaded up with pain-killers this morning but gave in and got an emergency appointment this afternoon. After X-rays, poking with sharp sticks, and prodding with fingers the dentist  announced that it’s due to teeth-grinding and it will stop in about two weeks.  The clues in the pain all down the face; that’s two completely separate nerve systems screaming. I’ve no reason to doubt him, apart from his excellent qualifications, I’ve been here before.

The good news is it’s self-limiting,(know one knows why).

The bad news:  the pain will be around for two weeks, which conveniently takes me to the end of the reporting deadlines.

I tried soluble paracetamol and codeine this afternoon and feel rather whoozy It’s that or gin and neither is conducive to lucid reporting.

To make things worse it’s freezing.

I’ve given myself the night off.