My sister rang this evening to tell me they are off on holiday for tomorrow and to advise me of arrangements for the aged P(mother has Alzheimer’s and must take her pill every day).

After nattering about flights, airports and kids who don’t download DVDs to their iPod to the night before she said that No1 niece had announced she wants to go on holiday with her mates next year.

My immediate response was “No, you can’t let her!”

No 1 niece turns 16 at the end of August, so next year she’ll still be a skinny, waif-like 16 year old with a load of well-endowed 17 year oldfriends who’d pass for a lot older.( I’ve seen the Prom photos)

On reflection, my reaction was based totally on what I expected them to be doing – holiday in the Med ( Costas – anywhere cheap), loads of lying by a pool and much alcohol ( probably). I’ve no idea what the reality might be. My sister had pointed out  to said niece that a bunch of Lower 6th students would be unlikely to afford the 4 star hotels she’s used to, so she”ll believe it when she sees it.

She also reminded me of my mis-adventures as a 17 year old and the word “hypocrite” came up.
In my defence I would say that I only went away for weekends, in the UK, and we tended to stay with friends of our parents  for one night ( drawing a veil over the other night spent outside music festival venues waiting for the gates to open). But it all seems so innocent now in a world of binge drinking and date-rape.

Nevertheless, it’s official – I’ve become my mother.