Underneath all the excitement of an African-American being elected as US President America continues to be a conservative country. After all 48m people DIDN’T vote for Obama. The expectation is that, at best, President Obama will be a centrist. Funny that he was being castigated as a socialist!

The influence of church over state in the US astounds me, but now, it really angers me, because the religious right thought up Proposition 8 for California, and they have won, by a similar percentage to Obama’s victory. I wonder how many people voted YES to Obama and NO to equal rights fro gay people?

So if you are gay, and got married in California in the last 4 months then the change that will be coming  will be a backward step and your marriage will be null and void. If your relationship has lasted 10, 20 , 30 or more years it will count for nothing in the eyes of the law. Similar propositions have been successful in other states as the churches and self-styled moral guardians gang up to ensure that gay citizens are second-class citizens.

Home of the Brave, my a*se!