Got you going didn’t I ? The ship not Her Maj.

The QE2 leaves Southampton this evening on her final voyage to become a floating hotel in Dubai. There was some embarrassment today when she ran aground in the Solent on the way into Southampton Harbour.

Old footage is being shown on the news of the Queen naming the ship and I flashed back to sitting in a junior school classroom aged 10, and the school TV ( just the 1) being wheeled in for us all to watch the launch. I don’t recall any excitement, apart from the fact that we got to watch the TV and it wasn’t a "school’s programme", but according to the BBC this morning it was broadcast live, unusually, because the construction of the liner was so important to British industry. We don’t do that anymore, industry , that is,  Thank you Mrs Thatcher.

As miketroll  is off cruising at the moment I wonder if he’s considering emulating this lady who will now be looking for another floating home. I reckon she’s spent over half a million pounds to date on her luxury retirement home.