The run up to Christmas was hectic with a lot of reports to be finished and issued by Christmas Eve – as if people are going to read them then.
My best laid plans of getting cards in the post early and presents all bought by the 14th December fell apart when a pile of cards disappeared under the car seat to re-emerge after last post and Internet suppliers let me down. So I was running around the shops the day before Christmas Eve.
Christmas with the family went well, although Mam had no idea who I was and looked a lot frailer than when I saw her in October.

On the journey back from my sister’s my car was rear-ended. I’ve no idea what speed he was doing when he hit me, although I remember his frightened face in the mirror when he realised everyone was braking and he wasn’t going to stop in time. No serious damage visible to my car, which was just as well as I had another 4 hours driving to come. That tow-bar to carry my bike was the best £200 I’ve spent.

Once I got driving again I started to ache and I was feeling very grim by the time I got home; on a weekend, so I couldn’t see a doctor until Monday. That was the 27th December and various whiplash symptoms have been coming out since. So, I’m on sick leave nursing shoulders, back and head. This is the first day I’ve managed to do anything much at a keyboard, as the nerve pains in my arms and hands are subsiding.

The car is being repaired; I’m inundated with insurance paperwork and I’m not reading as much as I’d like due to the headaches and general tiredness. The PC is generally off-limits so apologies for the lack of comments or contributions to decluttering, crocodile sandwiches and bookcrossing.