From Livejournal 2nd Feb 2012:

I haven’t posted seriously here, or anywhere else, since early 2009.

Things happened: car crash, whiplash, Sleep apnoea, CPAP, long-term sickness, mother with Alzheimer’s, work issues, possible job loss, sudden death, more work issues, depression, more work issues…

There you go 2009 – to 2012 in two lines.

LJ seems to have been hacked, blocked, and is slowly sinking. I’m now contributing to its decline.

In an effort to bring some focus to my life (ha) I’m trying to blog again, but I’m moving. I’ve been able to export my LJ, so it also acts as an archive.

To WordPress 30th Jan 2012:

I’m running away from the sinking ship that is LiveJournal and bringing my baggage with me.

2012 may be a new me, the old me, or, heaven forfend, more of the current me.  My good intentions are to write things down rather than letting them sprawl untidily around me.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but here goes.