Little Things

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This morning I have banged my head on the garage door, tripped up going up stairs, had yet another run-in with my boss over prioritisation of work and burnt my lunch. However, I don’t regret burning lunch one bit because of the reason for my distraction.

I decided I could top up a bird-feeder while lunch was cooking – I had plenty of time, but as I was fastening the feeder back onto the tree two long-tailed tits flew into the buddleia about six feet away. So imagine me, standing next to the tree, arms raised up, frozen so as not to scare them off.

Well, it worked as one of them decided to fly into the tree less than two foot away from me for a quick peck at a fat ball.

That minute, watching that little bird in close up, makes up for all this morning’s mishaps and I didn’t mind at all that lunch was frazzled.


Big Garden Birdwatch 2012

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I prepared properly this year and filled up the bird feeders. The birds get pretty well fed around here, so they are quite happy to go elsewhere if your offerings don’t please them.

No excuses this year

The turnout wasn’t too bad at all:
Blackbird             2
Blue tit                  3
Collared dove      1
Dunnock              1
Goldfinch             2
Great tit                2
House sparrow   4
Long-tailed tit     3
Robin                   1
Wood pigeon       2
Flying in at the last minute,  was 1 great spotted woodpecker. This was taken last summer, so I’m pleased it’s still around


There were a few surprises – no greenfinches, but they haven’t all disappeared or died off, as I saw some in early January. The jay and green woodpecker which have been around for the last two years haven’t made an appearance for some time, but the biggest surprise was  not a single starling.

White Easter

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 These grape hyacinths managed to keep their heads above the snow.
Taken this morning, but it looks like the snow will have melted by this evening.

Harley goes to the vets

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This afternoon I helped my friend take her Maine Coon cat, Harley,(on the left) for his annual check-up and jabs.

Harley is not exactly small,(12 lbs of fluff!)and doesn’t like cars, so rounding him up, getting him in his carrying box, and in and out of the vet’s, is a two-woman job.

Then he screams all the way there, only stopping when the car stops at lights and roundabouts. Maine Coons have very distinctive voices – male and female, have a high-pitched bird-like squeak , it sounds like an irate peacock when he isn’t happy.

Once in the vets he was fine – jumping off the examination table, wandering round the room and not even noticing when the jab went in.

We knew the vet was very impressed with him, but didn’t realise how much until we were back in reception and were told that when the vet had taken H to be weighed he had paraded him around all the nurses and receptionists.

All this admiration could turn his head, if it wasn’t for the fact he is a bear of very little brain!