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I’ve been tagged by elhamisabel 

If you’ve got  a Flickr account go to the 6th page and post the 6th image on that page here and tag 6 people.
So I’m tagging semioticghosts ,  novemberbug , swanofkennet , miketroll , newkaligula, and caterinaanna , if they want to play, too and haven’t already been caught.

It’s the Sanger Institute’s Genome campus south of Cambridge.
I took this in February on a very cold, foggy day. I’d had an 8.00am meeting near Saffron Walden on a site in a secluded valley. Sufficiently secluded for the temperature to be -5degrees when the surrounding villages were just above freezing. Due to the fog I missed my turn onto the A road and ended up weaving my way through the villages in the general direction of Cambridge and unexpectedly came upon this – the home of the Human Genome Project.


NoNoNoNo 4 – 9

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Nudged by newkaligula here’s another set. All shot from a rooftop car park two weeks ago.
In other words I can take the pics  it’s doing the uploading I’m slow at!

4. King’s

5.  Lab rats

6. Blocks

7. Lab

8. Escape


9. White lines

NoNoNoNo 1-3

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I told you I’d be slow at this!




As LJ was having a hissy fit and rejecting the Flickr links for your edification and delight larger images can be found here.

Obama ‘s Flickr page

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At lunchtime today the Guardian posted an article about pics on the barackobamadatcom Flickr page. Intimate pictures of the first family-elect and their running mates waiting for the results behind the scenes at Grant Park had ben added by the official photographer. I managed to view the thumbnails of the first page before it all crashed. There’ve been over 97,000 views of the set.

The President -elect has a Flickr account, how cool and in-touch is that?

The downside is every aspect of their  family life is now under scrutiny. Is that too much pressure for such young children; so much more than it was for Amy Carter?

Edited to say that it now seems to be working again and you can access individual pics and both pages.( 126,000 + views)


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On Wednesday I was advised that the pic they’d short-listed for the Schmap of Bristol had made it. Yesterday, coincidentally, I revisited the location as it ‘s on the route from the station to our Bristol office.


It’s not your normal take on St Mary Redcliffe Church!

All thanks to croc_sandwich’s photo challenge on the theme of “Rock On”


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Skidding in at the last minute with apologies for my limited contribution.
Work is particularly OTT at the moment and the camera is hardly seeing daylight.

An old favourite, to start, this is the desktop on my laptop.

1. Cool shade

2. Stained

3. Light ( and shade)

4. Billboard

White Easter

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 These grape hyacinths managed to keep their heads above the snow.
Taken this morning, but it looks like the snow will have melted by this evening.

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