Feeling perky at 11.58 am ( or Sleep Clinic part 2)

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A couple of weeks ago I posted about going into the sleep clinic for more tests. This is what happened.

So those of a sensitive nature can avoid the horror of me "wired up".

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Mothers’ Day

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Today is Mothers’ Day in the UK and so with the usual sense of trepidation I picked up the phone to speak to my mother.  The first call drew no response. I worry and then put it aside. -she could have been in the garden, the bathroom or  didn’t have her hearing aid in. Half an hour later I try again and a frail voice says "Hello?"

"Hello Mam, I’m just calling to wish you a "Happy Mothers’ Day" as I don’t think the card will have arrived. "

"Oh. Thank you, and the same to you!"

And off we go into the distorted world of the Alzheimer’s victim.

How is she – "I’m fine, how are you?"
I mention my neck is still a problem and she is hugely sympathetic; so unlike her real self. We "talk" about my car accident ,but she thinks I was run over and keeps coming back to how awful it was for me to have been hit by a car.

She mentions that she "doesn’t get out much these days".
Interesting , as she’s never said that before AND she went missing two weeks ago on one of her frequent trips to the shop at the bottom of the street. One of at least 5 trips a day she makes to the shop.

I try to ask her  about her grandmother. I’ve been looking at old family photos as part of my research into our family history. I know the answers, but I want to see if she can remember. Although this is supposed to be an area where the memory stays the longest I get nowhere. My questions are met with nervous laughter. 

"Where did your granny live?" Laughs.
"What was your Dad’s Mam called?" Laughs.

I give up and ask what she is doing for lunch. I know that she goes to my sister’s every Sunday and unless my brother’s wife has stepped in because it’s Mothers’ Day, that should be where she’s going.

" I’m going to my daughter’s , it’s just around the corner".  That’s true, although she can’t bring my sister’s name to mind even though she sees her every day.

I say goodbye and she thanks me for calling. She has no idea who I am; she probably hasn’t for a year now. It all adds up; she didn’t send me a Christmas card; I sat at Christmas dinner with her and she thought I was my sister’s friend, and made asides to me about my sister’s parenting skills; I didn’t receive a birthday card from her on my birthday earlier this month and when I talk to her on the phone she behaves as if I’m someone she knows, but she can’t remember my name and doesn’t recognise it when I introduce myself.

I call my mother out of duty, but then I always did. We have always had a difficult relationship and it got worse after my Dad died as she became a bitter old lady only interested in my siblings offspring.
My mother has gone and has been replaced by a nicer person. Well. at least someone who is more polite to the strangers who are her children.

Going to sleep

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When they said "Can you come in at short notice" they definitely meant short notice. I was called yesterday to see if I could go in for my sleep study either last night or this evening. So I’m off to the hospital tonight.

Later this evening I’ll be all wired up like this.
Wednesday they’ll do lots of follow up tests so I won’t be back for 24 hours.

When I did the home study I had the worst night in months, so this could be fun (not).

See you in a couple of days.

Night night.

I’m still here, thankfully!

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 The run up to Christmas was hectic with a lot of reports to be finished and issued by Christmas Eve – as if people are going to read them then.
My best laid plans of getting cards in the post early and presents all bought by the 14th December fell apart when a pile of cards disappeared under the car seat to re-emerge after last post and Internet suppliers let me down. So I was running around the shops the day before Christmas Eve.
Christmas with the family went well, although Mam had no idea who I was and looked a lot frailer than when I saw her in October.

On the journey back from my sister’s my car was rear-ended. I’ve no idea what speed he was doing when he hit me, although I remember his frightened face in the mirror when he realised everyone was braking and he wasn’t going to stop in time. No serious damage visible to my car, which was just as well as I had another 4 hours driving to come. That tow-bar to carry my bike was the best £200 I’ve spent.

Once I got driving again I started to ache and I was feeling very grim by the time I got home; on a weekend, so I couldn’t see a doctor until Monday. That was the 27th December and various whiplash symptoms have been coming out since. So, I’m on sick leave nursing shoulders, back and head. This is the first day I’ve managed to do anything much at a keyboard, as the nerve pains in my arms and hands are subsiding.

The car is being repaired; I’m inundated with insurance paperwork and I’m not reading as much as I’d like due to the headaches and general tiredness. The PC is generally off-limits so apologies for the lack of comments or contributions to decluttering, crocodile sandwiches and bookcrossing.

Cheer up time

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OK, so the cost of the crash world-wide is £2.8 trillion. These numbers only make sense to physicists and economists, so the Guardian has helpfully converted it to "buying 13,000 lattes for each person in the UK", amongst other examples.

Updated to say that the BBC’s voice of doom ( Robert Peston)  was putting this at £5trillion at lunchtime  and not a mention of infinite improbability factors! 


You could read the story above…( Doom)


You could watch this: ( Cheery)


It brought a tear to my jaded eye.

Returning to work and feeling wanted

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 I’ve been off sick for a week with a virus, but when you work from home you aren’t really ever “off sick”. Whilst I’ve been lying in bed I’ve heard the office phone ring ( it’s in the room next to my bedroom) and messages being left on the answer machine, which I then felt obliged to respond to. My new boss likes to do the “caring employer” bit and rang up twice to see how I was. Which would be very nice if it didn’t result in at least  30 minutes on the  phone to him discussing work issues, and if I didn’t know he had a deadline to make and needed information from me. Ulterior motive?

Yesterday I officially returned to work and came back to 120 emails, most of which require me to read a report/ file and provide a response or advice note. Before I could deal with that I had to supply my contributions to a report to our Executive Board by lunchtime today. Which is odd really, when the boss is in Barcelona until tomorrow.

M and R, my two colleagues, were both very kind, asking after my health and providing me with info to make it easier to “do my bit”. What touched me most was an email from R saying how he missed my company last week,  when we had planned a joint trip, and instead he had 3 nights away on his own. This was followed by one from M saying he had missed me, because I made him laugh and in my absence he had been grumpy all week..

I feel wanted!!!!

Hair – a dilemma

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I was going to take the afternoon off to get my hair cut, but the salon owner rang this morning to say that my stylist is off sick and has been all week. He has no idea what’s wrong with her  – men, why don’t they ask the important questions and express some sympathy?

Then he gave me the dilemma. I could book an appointment with Jo tomorrow, in the event she’s well enough to return to work, or I’ll have to wait some time as she is supposed to be on two weeks leave starting Monday.

This is a two-chair salon; Stefano owns it and Jo hires a chair. I’ve been having my hair done by Jo for over 15 years, and it would be disloyal of both of us if I had it done by him, and I’m so funny about who cuts my hair that it would have to be an extreme situation for  me to go to anyone else.

As Jo is self-employed any day she doesn’t work she doesn’t earn and so she’s got to be pretty ill to take this much time off. I suspect she has the norovirus that’s all over the news – sickness and diarrhoea. The guidance is to not return to work until 48 hours after you stop being ill, so taking an appointment tomorrow , if she’s ill today, is more than a bit risky.

My hair is very thick and has to be cut every 5-6 weeks; if Jo goes ahead with her holiday then it’ll be over 10 weeks since my last cut. I’m not vain but I like to be presentable when I have to see clients, which amounts to a decent suit an da decent hair cut.

So shaggy hair v norovirus ? I’ve no option have I?

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